How much do you appreciate the stairs inside your home right now? What about the banister and railings? Most people seem to skip over the railings and stairs within their home in most occasions simply because these items do not really stand out as being aesthetically appealing or decorative. In most cases, you may only realize a staircase is even there when you need to use it to move from one floor to the other, or if they are directly in front of you. However, these staircases and railings can become dangerous, frustrating and visual eyesores whenever they are in desperate and dire need of overdue maintenance and/or repair. There are several key factors that should be considered closely whenever you are calculating the cost of repair.

## What Type Of Staircase Is It? ##

There are several different types of stairs that can be taken into consideration all at the same time. Keep in mind that you might be interested in purchasing a spiral staircase and having it installed within your home, in addition to patio stairs, or even the foldaway set of stairs that many people use to gain direct access to their attics or basements. Remember that due to the wide variety of stairs currently available, there is no way to determine one set price for all of them. You need consider the type of staircase that you are actually using, as well as the length of the stairs. Therefore, the overall size of your home will also play a key role in determining how much you will spend on your staircase installation. For example, a 3-story home with 2 sets of stairs will definitely cost much more than a one-story rancher with a single staircase.

## What Type Of Railing Do You Want? ##

Just like with the staircase, there is a wide variety of railings and banisters that are also available on today’s market. If you are interested in purchasing a matching set of staircase and railings, then your best bet would be to shop around for a competitive bundle that will allow you to save money. Otherwise, you might be forced to pay much more than you expected to piece everything together. Don't forget about the installation costs and labor charges that the professional contractor hired to complete the project will charge you as well, because that also affects your budget.