If you currently live in a specific area that has a frequent level of hurricanes and tornadoes, you should consider building an actual storm shelter that can keep your family protected. This is a major decision, however, in the event of a confirmed natural disaster, the storm shelter is going to keep your family safe, so it is definitely worth whatever money you have to give up in order to have it developed. There are several key elements that are usually factored into the actual price.

## Size Of The Shelter ##

The size is the most significant factor that needs to be considered when determining the actual cost involved. The bigger the shelter, the more materials you have to use and the higher the actual installation costs and expenses will be as a direct result. FEMA has actually recommended that the standard measurement of six square feet of available floor space for each person within the home be considered for designing a tornado shelter. Nevertheless, an increased level of ten feet per person would be more appropriate for an effective hurricane shelter.

## Condition Of The Area ##

Another factor that needs to be considered when calculating the price is the actual ground and area that will be used as the site of this shelter. You have to determine whether or not any type of excavation work is going to be required and just how extensive this type of work can become. If your property is relatively simple to dig into, then you can rest assured in knowing that the overall installation will be much simpler and quicker to complete. If you have any type of rocky soil though, or need a jackhammer to get through thick stacks of concrete, then you are going to have to pay a substantial amount of money before the actual shelter is even built.

## Do Not Forget About Permits ##

Whenever a major excavation project is being completed, you will always need to take into consideration the addition of building permits and other things that will be directly added to the costs of the project and construction of your storm shelter. It is highly recommended that you investigate the costs and duties associated with getting these permits in advance, because your city may require a specific waiting time before they can be approved and the overall project can even begin. It is important to have this information in advance.