Air conditioning systems found in Ford F250 trucks often work flawlessly. Occasionally, problems do crop up. If you're interested in diagnosing and correcting air conditioning issues in your own Ford F250, you will appreciate this simple and straightforward, "how-to".

Most of the time, total system failures are linked with compressor issues. For example,compressors may leak. When this happens, replacing the compressor component may correct the problem over the long term. Usually, you will be able to find new compressors or used car parts of this nature at a range of auto part retail outlets, both offline and online.

If you suspect that a compressor leak is causing your air conditioning system to fail, it may be time to take matters into your own hands. You'll need a product known as "R12" to fix things, so look for it while you're shopping around. This refrigerant is made to work with your particular make and model of truck.

Step One

Fire up the engine and then let the truck get warmer. Once your H20 gauge is near the center, your truck is ready for the next step in the process.

Step Two

Switch your air conditioning to the coldest level possible.

Step Three

Ensure that your fan's speed is set to "high".

Step Four

Now, look to see if cool air is blowing out of the AC unit. If it isn't, it may signify leakage within the air conditioning unit. Another possible problem is that your pump is not working as it should be.

Step Five

Turn off your motor and then pop the hood of your truck.

Step Six

Now, it's time to assess the state of your accessory belt unit, which is found on the AC's compressor component.

This part allows the air conditioning pulley to work alongside the compressor. If the belt looks damaged, it will need replacement, inspect it carefully.

Usually, it's best to let a trained and licensed mechanic handle this part of the job.