Customer feedback is an essential element of growing your business, because you need to know exactly what you are doing right to keep loyal customers, as well as what you can improve on to increase the number of customers you have. Failing your customers is never positive, but can quickly become a learning experience as long as you follow several simple steps which will allow you to turn their feedback into building blocks which will lead you towards the brighter side of customer satisfaction.

Step 1
Make sure you regularly send surveys specifically focused on customer satisfaction to your clients. This means an updated mailing list is absolutely essential. Do not forget to ask your customers key questions which will allow you to assist your company when it comes to learning about the client base. Focus on the quality of service overall and how it affects you. You need to get inside their heads to find out what they think and feel about you and your company.

Step 2
Do not forget to include some sort of rating system which will make it easy for your customers to grade you while answering your questions. Using a range such as 0 to 6 should do the trick and allow you to keep all of your responses manageable, short and concise. Otherwise, you could very well be opening the floodgates to an overflow of responses which will distract from the feedback you really require.

Step 3
Make sure to keep the overall survey short and simple. This is the only way you are going to be able to experience a high-quality response rate. Do not forget to add an area at the very end of the survey allowing customers to submit their suggestions, concerns, questions and complaints.