Almost every automobile created after the mid-1990s contains onboard computers designed to diagnose systems. In a Jeep Liberty, this onboard computer is referred to as an OBD-II. Equipped with a series of sensor devices, this system ensures Liberty owners know if mechanical and other systems are working properly or not.

If you drive a Jeep Liberty and you want to reboot your onboard diagnostic computer, we have created a practical quick guide to show you what is involved.

Step 1
Find the battery within your motor's compartment. This battery device will be situated on the driver's side of the vehicle.

Step 2
Loosen the bolt on your Liberty's negative battery cabling. You can use a wrench for this task, just be sure to choose an adjustable tool. Your goal should be to remove the cable from its negative post. Once you've completed this, leave it off for several minutes.

Step 3
Push down on the negative battery cable so it's pressed into the negative post.

Step 4
At this stage, you should make the negative cable bolt tighter with your wrench. Keep working on it until the cable's end is snug and can't move back or forth.

Step 5
Start the motor to be certain your "check engine" indicator lighting is no longer lit up.

Although this is a simple procedure, you will need to be a little handy to complete it successfully. Once you have completed the process, you'll be able to enjoy rebooted coding, allowing you to start afresh and take advantage of all the features your Liberty's onboard diagnostic system has to offer.