Ireland is a country abundant in heritage, history and culture. This being said, there are many residents who find peace in the arts and even those who have made fortunes off of acting or becoming playwrights. Actors, such as Colin Farrell, emerged from Ireland and have become some of the most notable actors in today’s society. If you are a resident of Ireland and are interested in pursuing an acting career, follow this helpful quick-guide below.

Gaiety School Of Acting

The Gaiety School of Acting was one of the first schools built in Ireland to specifically meet the demand for actors and actresses. This particular college can be found in downtown Dublin and has hosted many renowned stars and professors whom you will learn your skills from. With their immense amount of history and prestige, the Gaiety School of Acting has undoubtedly become the most popular acting school in all of Ireland. This institution offers a popular reputation as well as a variety of courses related to acting including: film, television, and theater.

Irish Academy Of Dramatic Arts

THE IADA (Irish Academy of Dramatic Arts) has been the most popular choice for theatre students for many years. Joy Forsythe, the popular theatre actress first founded the Irish Academy of Dramatic Arts to provide students with the opportunity to have a curriculum based entirely on theatre. The majority of classes and the school's classes itself are held within Dublin itself, but there are dozens of other venues where the school provides theatre classes.

Limerick School Of Acting

Nigel Mercier, the founder of the Limerick School of Acting, has an extensive resume and has always wanted to develop actors into talented professionals through their years of study. If you are able to enroll at the Limerick School of Acting, you can expect to take courses pertaining to film, television, stage performing and business courses. Unlike the majority of acting colleges in Ireland, the Limerick School of Acting caters to students between the ages of 6 and 18.