You may spend a considerable amount of time putting together your stylish and fashionable outfit for work every single day. There are some people that actually enjoy shopping for work outfits, especially if they work in offices that require business attire on a daily basis. However, the ugly and ordinary lanyard that you have to wear around your neck can very easily clash with your well-coordinated outfit and force you to commit a fashion crime. Fortunately, there are several steps that can be taken in order to create a fashionable yet functional necklace badge holder.

Step #1

Keep all of your options open when it comes to the color, patterns, themes, shapes and beading types that are used for your necklace badge holder. The last thing that you want to do is to duplicate a look that someone else has already created because that completely defeats the purpose. Find a way to colorfully and creatively implement your personality into the overall design and structure of your necklace

Step #2

The fishing line that you will need to use for the actual necklace needs to measure at least 36 inches long. Make sure that you tie tight knots on both ends of the string in order to properly secure the beads on the actual string. Otherwise, you will not be able to keep them all in place and will have to deal with a necklace that continuously releases beads until there are none left. Place the free end through the major opening of one side within the key ring and then get rid of the extra string so that you have a clear and concise measurement without any extra string left over.

Step #3

Carefully insert the actual badge into the plastic cover that you have connected and secured to the keyring on your necklace. You need to make sure that your badge is secured within - you definitely do not want the badge cover to fall off the necklace or your badge to fall out of the cover.