As the oldest bank in the Philippines, the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), provides their customers with a variety of different extra benefits when opening an account with them. Some interesting benefits include low interest rates, travel insurance, car assistance and flight mileage programs.

BPI Credit Card Requirements

Every credit card has requirements that clients have to meet prior to being accepted as a customer. The main applicant for the card must be at least 21 years of age and any co-applicants must be at least 13 years of age. There is a minimum monthly income of 20,000 Philippine pesos for the majority of the credit cards offered from the said bank. Certain cards require a minimum income of 50,000 Philippine pesos however. When applying for the credit card you will have to provide a phone number and a physical mailing address to which your bills can be forwarded.


Considering that a credit card is essentially a line of credit, you will have to provide supporting documentation when applying for your BPI credit card. Some requirements include: Photo ID and proof of income. These two pieces of supporting documentation can be shown in the following ways: recent forms of driver’s license, passport, pay stub, tax return or any other financial statements. With the use of supporting documentation, the bank will be able to verify your financial records.

Types Of Credit Cards

There are several different options available to you once you have decided that you want to open a BPI credit card. If you are a shopper, the BPI Express Classic Credit Card is accepted by the majority of merchants throughout the Philippines. For international travelers, the BPI Express Blue Credit Card allows travelers to withdraw up to 30% of their limit while traveling internationally. The BPI Express Gold Credit Card provides the most perks pertaining to rebates and free travel insurance. If you are interested in perks, you can also consider the BPI Express WorldPerks Credit Card. Business owners would be best suited to the BPI Express Corporate Credit Card as it allows for employees to pay their business-related expenses.