Asthma is a lung disease that causes the bronchial tubes in your lungs to become inflamed and restrict airflow. There are medications that can help with opening up the airways and allowing air to flow freely into the lungs again, but other steps do exist which will reduce your asthmatic symptoms without having to take medication.

Do not stop using your prescribed medication without discussing it with your doctor first. You can however enhance the results of your current treatment in controlling your asthma by taking some additional and alternative steps.

Avoid Allergens

Many people that suffer from asthma also suffer from allergies. You can reduce the effects of your asthma by identifying your allergies and by taking the necessary steps to avoid contact with these allergens. You can also opt to see a specialist allergist and take certain steps to build an immunity against these respective allergens.

Train Your Lungs

You can actually train your lungs to function properly on less air. Respiratory therapists work with patients to improve their lung functioning ability. Improving your lung function will help to reduce your asthmatic symptoms. The best time to start working with a respiratory therapist is as soon as asthma has been diagnosed.

Overall Health

Good overall health will help you to control your asthmatic symptoms. A strong immune system can help you avoid colds and flu which can negatively impact your asthma. Taking a daily supplement rich in Zinc, Vitamin C and the B Vitamins which will promote a strong immune system, is highly suggested.

Make sure to wash your hands frequently during cold and flu season to keep the risk of infection at bay.

Diet And Exercise

You are what you eat! Maintaining a healthy weight will help you control your asthma. The more fit you are the less your lungs have to work for daily activities. Being overweight can negatively affect your asthmatic symptoms. The more you weigh the harder your lungs have to work to help you move. A diet that is rich in leafy greens, nuts and lean meats can help to maintain an optimal weight and put less stress on your lungs.