Are you inspired by nature and want to make our planet a healthier place? Perhaps, bringing it closer to its natural state? If being "green" tends to preoccupy you, consider enrolling in an online conservation associate's degree program. Why? Because when your inner passion reflects onto your working life, wonderful things can happen.

Online education is flexible and therefore, is open to those of us in the working world who either want to further our education in a specific field or are ready to jump over into a new field.

## Let's get specific ##

The field of conservation is wide ranging; you could sign up for an online associate's degree in environmental science, forestry, fisheries science, environmental studies, environmental ethics, general zoology, water management and more.

## How to find an outstanding online program ##

If you are set on signing up for an online associate's degree in conservation, apparently only Ellsworth Community College offers such a specific program online.

If you are interested in pursuing an associate's degree in a subject area that falls under the umbrella of conservation, your options are numerous, ranging from environmental science to water management, to geology, to environmental problem solving, to environmental human health.

The best way to find out what online programs are out there is to put your research hat on. Simply entering a search term like "online environmental study" into Google or your go-to search engine is a smart way to start.

You should also contact any environmental organizations in your geographic area and ask them for recommendations for online programs; people who are already working in the environmental field will usually happily share their experiences with prospective students.

## Potential career paths ##

A general associate's degree like the aforementioned conservation program, can lead to a variety of jobs in different environmental fields, while a more specific associate's degree in a topic like water management, for example, would prepare you to work in that specific sphere. It might be wise for you to think about the job you want first, and then apply for the education that it requires.