You may have become a victim of an event that will require you to create a lawsuit due to your personal injury. With the majority of personal injury lawsuits, the victim generally will not have to win the lawsuit in order to receive compensation. The reason for this is because insurance companies will resolve the settlement themselves. If you are looking to negotiate a personal injury settlement without a lawyer, you will want to learn about the structure of a demand for settlement.

Step 1: Gathering Evidence Of The Crime

Gathering evidence can include photographs, voice messages, or any other hard proof to show that the opposite party is liable for the accident. The most concrete form of evidence that you can present is a police report that may have been taken at the scene of the crime. Recorded witness statements can also be another form of evidence that you can show the insurance companies.

Step 2: Gather Evidence Of Your Injury And Costs

This step will require you to gather evidence pertaining to the amount of financial loss that you experienced from the accident. This evidence can include photographs of your injury, medical bills, and proof of lost wages. Essentially, any money that you have lost due to the accident can be presented as proof that you require a larger settlement.

Step 3: Theory Of Liability

You will want to consult the law to find a reputable theory of liability that pertains to your accident. A theory of liability refers to the ways that the other party is responsible for your accident, such as negligence or intentional misconduct.

Step 4: Research Past Cases

It is quite likely that your case isn’t the only personal injury case that has happened in your area. Go to your local courthouse and research any past injury cases that are similar to yours. This will provide you with a dollar amount that you can expect to receive from the settlement.

Step 6: Begin Negotiations

Now that you have evidence and supporting documentation, you can begin negotiations with the insurance company. You will want to set up a meeting and ensure that you have all of the evidence and documents available for the insurance company to review. It is important that you state how you wish to receive the settlement and the timing of the payment.

Step 7: Create A Written Agreement

Once a final figure has been decided on, you will want to draft a final agreement and have both parties sign and date the agreement.