The Asbestos Information Act was signed into action by Pres. Ronald Reagan in 1988 and is a piece of legislation designed to stop the use and spread of asbestos and asbestos containing products – a material proven to have tremendously negative effects on human health.

If you, or a dear one, have been dealing with medical issues stemming from asbestos exposure, it is vital that you understand everything this particular law and other legislation have to offer in the form of protection and recourse for you moving forward.

Why This Law In The First Place?

The original purpose of this specific law was simple and straightforward; it was passed to help identify companies that were making asbestos products and materials, thereby exposing them and providing justice for all who had claims against them.

Any company – ANY company – involved in the production or manufacture of asbestos and/or asbestos products, were forced to submit different pieces of information to the EPA about their materials. Information about all of the materials that they had produced in the past was also requested.

Once this information was collected, it was compiled by the Environmental Protection Agency and then published for easy public access (100% free of charge).

Important Facts

Though there are a tremendous amount of details involved with this specific legislation, the two most important parts of it are:

  • the exposure of different companies that were manufacturing asbestos or asbestos products

  • the exposure of exact timelines regarding when and what those companies were manufacturing so that the public could understand if they were put at risk

These two key components led to a tremendous amount of upheaval in the marketplace. However, it helped those that had been poisoned by different manufacturers due to exposure and provided the kind of recourse that they had hoped for.