This is truly not a question that anyone can answer for you. It is a decision that has to be welcomed by all who may be involved, but ultimately the final decision must lie with by the parents-to-be. Adoption may satisfy the yearning that many people experience to be a parent and for many it is the only option. To know if you are ready to adopt you really should be honest about your motives.

Many people want to adopt for the wrong reasons which include wanting to fix a broken marriage, to cure their own sadness, just looking for a playmate for their own child or even for religious reasons. None of these has anything to do with the child. Many people seek to adopt as a means of addressing their own problems, almost similar to people who hoard pets.

The best scenario for foster children is generally when they are invited into homes where people have strong family ties with a solid support base. New parents are always realistic about the difficulties they will encounter when raising a child.