Acting as insurance towards your home for a number of very specific situations that home insurance will not typically cover, you may be interested in investing in a high quality, professional home warranty.

Covering things like every day repairs and replacements, as well as a whole host of other “specialty offerings” explained later on, a home warranty may or may not be the right investment for your specific needs.

Buyer Coverage Home Warranties

This is the most common type of home warranty program available and also one of the most popular. This warranty program protects the people that are purchasing a home from defects, structural damage or failure of any of the critical components of a home during the first year of ownership. It may also be tailored to cover different repairs or upgrades necessary within the given time frame.

Seller Coverage Home Warranties

Also one of the more common types of home warranty programs available, yet this coverage is leveraged by sellers that are looking to make their property more attractive and enticing to buyers in today's very competitive real estate environment.

It protects buyers that are looking to purchase a home which potentially requires repairs or upgrades and offers the same one year period of protection as outlined above.

How To Choose Your Home Warranty Program

Depending on whether or not you are a buyer or seller (as well as taking your budget into consideration), there are a lot of factors which will require some thought before deciding to invest in a particular home warranty program.

If you are serious about ensuring that one of your most valued financial assets is completely and totally protected, or if you want to have an edge when selling your home, then a home warranty could be the right decision moving forward.