You might think you will be able to save money by purchasing hand dryers, especially if the only alternative option available is the standard rack of paper towels. It is true that using a hand dryer will prevent you from accumulating an excessive amount of waste, but there are several disadvantages which you will need to take into consideration as well. The information below will assist you in making an informed decision.

The Price
The average company can reduce their bills by up to 90 percent by making the decision to use and operate a hand dryer inside a public restroom. When you analyze the costs involved with the continuous need to purchase paper towels, it's easy to see why hand dryers would be more ecconomical. You can’t forget about the fact that you will also have to dispose of the used paper towels.

An Eco-Friendly Solution
One key advantage to installing hand dryers inside public restrooms is that the amount of trees cut down and destroyed every year to produce paper towels will be reduced. Using hand dryers can easily eliminate thousands of pounds of paper added to landfills each year.

Hygienic Advantages Or Disadvantages
Utilizing hand dryers will help you to ensure that your employees and customers are able to clean their hands hygienically, after they have finished using the restroom. Speed will be on your side when it comes to using hand dryers, they can dry hands within a matter of a few seconds. Although there are many advantages, there have been quite a few studies conducted over the years which have confirmed that hand dryers can actually cause the bacteria on your fingertips and palms to grow. It can potentially cause the bacteria to blow towards other people as well.